High Commission of India, Ottawa


1. I don't have Indian passport Can I apply for OCI?

Yes, you have to provide copy of Nativity Certificate / Domicile certificate issued by competent authority in India as your proof of Indian Origin.

2. My child born in US, Now we are in Canada, Can child get OCI from Canada?

Yes, you have to apply OCI where ever you are residing with the present proof of address of parents.

3. Can I collect my OCI from India / High Commission?

No, you have to collect from the office where you have applied. If you have already paid the courier charges, BLS will sent to your given address.

4. Any travel restrictions to go to India during COVID pandemic?

OCI cardholders are permitted to go to India

5. Do I need to renew my OCI Card?

a) For age group between 1-20 years: Renew OCI every time on renewal of passport.

b) For age group between 21-50: No need for renewal of OCI on change of Passport.

c) For age group 51 and above: Renew OCI only once after attaining age of 50 years. If OCI was obtained after 50 years no need for renewal of OCI further.



6. My child is 5 years old, he has OCI. Now he got a new passport. Can he travel with old passport and OCI? Or he has to renew OCI

He has to apply for re-issue of OCI under Miscellaneous services each time a passport is issued up to 20 years of age

7. I am 60 years old, I got my OCI 5 years back. I have a new passport. Do I have to do anything for my OCI.

No, if OCI was obtained after 50 years of age it is not mandatory to re-issue your OCI. However, if the applicant wishes to avail the service he/she can apply for the same online under Miscellaneous services.



8. How long it will take to get OCI?

Usually 6-8 weeks is required for issuance of Fresh OCI and Miscellaneous Services.

9. I lost my Indian passport and surrender certificate; I have a copy of both. Can I apply for OCI?

Kindly submit the copies with BLS for pre-approval with explanation letter.