High Commission of India, Ottawa

FAQs at NOC for Transport of Mortal Remains

1. One of my known / close family member died in Canada, how to transport the mortal remains to India?

You may approach the nearest Funeral Home from your location in Canada for this purpose. The funeral home is well aware about all the process and requirements for transportation of mortal remains to India.

2. How to obtain clearance / NOC from the High Commission for transportation of mortal remains to India ?

The next of kin / relative / person / funeral home representative authorized by the family member of deceased is required to submit request to High Commission for issuing clearance / NOC.

3. What documents are required for obtaining clearance / NOC from the High Commission ?

The following documents are required to be submitted for NOC :

(a)  Application form (can be downloaded from the below link)


(b) Death Certificate in original from Canadian authorities.

(c) Copy of statement of death & Medical Certificate of death

(d) Indian Passport in original of the deceased.

(e) Original report of the person who embalmed the body;

(f) Certificate from the Manager, Funeral Home that the casket was sealed by him and it contained the embalmed body of the person identified by him.

(g) Details of the Airlines Company and flights by which dead body are to be transported (with Air way bill no.). Name and address of the person accompanying dead body.

(h) Certificate about no ongoing risk of transmission of a communicable disease while transfer of the body.

(i) Authorization letter from the close relative of the deceased

(j) Fee of C$ 25 + C$ 3= C$28 is to be paid in by Bank Draft/Money Order in favour of “High Commission of India”. The fee can be paid by debit card in the High Commission.

(k) In case of death due to Accident / unnatural / suicide – copy of detailed police report.

4. How to visit High Commission for obtaining NOC for transportation of Mortal remains ?

Once you are able to arrange all the prescribed documents, you can book appointment for visiting High Commission for NOC. The appointment can be booked through Suvidha Portal on the following link :


5. How much time is taken for issue of NOC by the High Commission ?

All such request are processed in prompt manner. The NOC can be issued within 1-2 days.